Fast Curb Appeal Tricks

Fast Curb Appeal TricksSprucing up the exterior of your home can add significant value to it. Curb appeal ranks high on the list for many potential buyers. Most people make the mistake of thinking that adding curb appeal requires a major investment. Here are some curb appeal tricks that are both easy and inexpensive.

General Cleanup
Give your home a facelift with some good cleaning. It’s easy to forget the basics of outdoor house maintenance. General cleanup measures can make your home shine. Cleaning the windows, for instance, can give your home a fresh new look. Clean windows also help to improve the interior appearance. Window cleaning professionals can be hired for areas that are difficult to reach.

Remove Rotting Trim
Rotting trim can give the entire home a shabby and unkempt appearance. Even small areas of rot can be extremely unappealing. Rot can occur quickly in the right weather conditions. Fortunately, you can fix small areas of rot with epoxy. Larger areas of decay can be fixed with a wood patch.

Small Touches
If you want your home to stand out, you will need to pay extra attention to blank and dull spaces. One area that often looks bare is the slab foundation. You can easily improve the appearance of this space by adding panels. Panels come in a variety of materials such as brick, wood and stone. Choose from different styles and colors that will match the unique look of your home.

Fix Walkways and Paths
Walkways are an important aspect of the exterior of any home. The path that leads to your house is often the first thing that people take note of when they visit. These areas can become dirty and overgrown with weeds. Over time, walkways will wear and crack. Power washing is the best option for dirty walkways. You can rent a power washer to do the project yourself. Use a cleaning solution to get the best results. A bleach cleaning solution will help to kill algae and mold. Depending on the level of damage, cracked walkways can be patched and repaired.

A Pop of Color
Draw attention to your home with a pop of color. Many people use brightly colored pieces to enliven the appearance of the house. Adding a front yard seating area offers a good opportunity to introduce new colors. Update old furniture with a new coat of paint. Porches can be made over by adding fresh accent pieces.

Makeover the Front Door
Painting your front door in a fresh new color can give your home an entirely new look. Choose colors that are consistent with your overall paint scheme. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Adding new fixtures to the door will also make it look polished. Matching the door to your shutters will tie the look together. The front door is a great way to make a strong impression with your home. Small changes can make a vast difference to the appearance of your home.